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What is updater-cd?
Its is a set of scripts to download updates for Windows systems, at this point just Windows XP. (contains Jampal and Cygwin components)

What is the status of it?
Well its beta right now, but should be very useful for system rebuilders.

How often will there be updates to updater-cd?
It will be at least onced a month to keep the updates current.

Will there be a whole new release of updater-cd each month?
Not, likely. The will change each month.

What is
Its a bash script that calls scripts to download and/or remove patches that have been replaced.

Why don't I create an ISO image with all of the updates pre-downloaded?
Well that would be illegal, since Microsoft doesn't want their updates placed on someone elses public website for download. Sun Microssystems doesn't want you do that either, without accepting their license agreement that says you will pay court costs should they be sued. ;-)

Will this download Windows Genuine Advantage updates?
No, these updates are not security fixes, but are bug fixes and/or enhancements. It would be illegal to by pass the WGA checks.

Can I use the resulting updater-cd I create to keep systems up to date without reinstalling all of the patches again?
The OS updates won't reinstall unless you choose the option 3 that reloads all of them.

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